The Fulton Collection: A Guided Tour by David Fulton

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I hope this book will help explain why I became a violin collector — clearly a form of ecstatic madness. I started forming the collection in 1981, but my fascination with violins, playing violins, and violinists goes back much farther, back to my childhood. It has been the musical journey of a lifetime and the great violins, violas and cellos have served as my milestones. Along the way I’ve had many interesting experiences and met some remarkable people. I hope to take you along on that journey.

David Fulton spent more than 40 years assembling one of the finest stringed instrument collections of the modern era. The Fulton Collection is an engaging tale of his journey into the world of fiddles, chronologically ordered by the date on which he acquired each instrument.

Every instrument has a distinct personality and a unique story to tell.

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